Year: 2016
Material: paint marker on acrylic boards, strings, 3D prints, LED light.

Exhibition History:
Delete Me, DMA MFA Exhibition, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, May 18 - June 1, 2016.

Project Description:
The installation reconstructs the Autodesk Maya interface in the white cube. Through spending hours and hours transferring the digital interface into large-scale drawings, the artist wants to call attention to the system’s pre-determined settings, which have become “default” to most of the users. The center of the piece is three tiny 3D printed default geometries — a sphere, a cube, a cone. In relation to the true size of the default grid, the cube was printed 1×1×1 cm. The at interface has been extended to 3-dimensional as the audiences navigating themselves through the installation. They have to move their bodies from left to right, forward and backward in order to change their perspective. In a similar way, the camera view in a 3D space shifts when the user clicks and drags the mouse.

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