Radical Digital Bodies 

Special Topics In Video And Animation
UCLA Design Media Arts
Fall 2019

Course Description:
The medium of the class is going to be the body of ourselves, as it makes more sense to explore and define the self’s body than to deal with a generalized representation of a group of people. The first half of the class will be focusing on technical workshops, readings, and screenings. The rest of the class students will create self directed video/animation installations for the class exhibition.

Technical skills covered: 3D scanning and printing workflow, photogrammetry, 3D model topology, Maya basic character rigging and animation, Unity vuforia engine, Motion capture, projection mapping.

Class Syllabus︎

Selected Student Work

Final Class exhibition:
Reflecting on the course materials conceptually and technically, students work on a self directed project for the class final exhibition at EDA. Mixed media pieces are encouraged. The project should be a finished video/animation installation beyond a single channel screen based video piece.

︎︎︎Exhibition view

︎︎︎Dylan Han, 3D printed sculpture

︎︎︎Erin Cooney, four-channel video installation

︎︎︎Hajar Azzam, digital animation

︎︎︎Tina Huaming Wen, 2-channel digital animation installation

︎︎︎ Jieun Lee, 3D animation project mapping

︎︎︎Andrew Ortiz, interactive installation

︎︎︎Ruining Zhang, virtual reality experience

︎︎︎Andrew Kinder, four-channel video installation

︎︎︎Jade Box, augumented reality filter

︎︎︎Katie Mcneish, 3D printed sculpture